Clear Detailed Audio

Premium Wireless Audio Experience

The Wi AudioLink™ Ui Pocket Portable Stereo Digital Wireless System is the first stereo digital wireless audio system ever to combine all the features required for video meetings, audio and gaming applications in a small, rugged, lightweight design. The entire system can fit into the palm of your hand!

Weighing only 1.08 Oz, this plug-and-play, visually unobtrusive, rugged wearable system, offers intuitive function buttons and easy-to-read LEDs that display operation mode, power, and battery life status. This powerful, dual internal antennas, frequency diversity, 2.4GHz stereo digital wireless system operates without radio frequency (RF) interference inherent in UHF/VHF systems and provides up to 100 feet of secure, uncompressed 16bit, 48kHz CD quality wireless audio connectivity with wide 15Hz to 20kHz frequency response that delivers crisp highs and thundering low tones that will satisfy the most demanding musicians.





Work & Learn From Anywhere

Work & Learn From Anywhere

The workplace of today looks radically different with more people working and learning remotely. This paradigm shift towards digital economy is ushering in a high demand for a new breed of digital tools to meet the challenges of today’s work and learn from anywhere environment and are becoming more critical than ever to your productivity and success.

The Wi AudioLink Ui is a radical new tool that brings a pocket portable wireless professional studio-audio-quality sound into your anywhere desk/office tablet, Mac and PC computer. Simply plug the transmitter to the USB port on your system and join your Zoom®, Webex®, GoToMeeting®, Skype® meetings and more from anywhere without wires!

Hear & Be Heard Clearly!

It can be a real challenge to focus during online meetings, presentations and chats when you struggle to hear what’s being said, frequently asked to repeat yourself or speak louder beyond your comfort level making conversation difficult.

For these reasons the Wi AudioLink Ui was engineered to meet today’s digital audio challenges in delivering exceptional 20Hz to 20KHz uncompressed true wide band audio sound quality with built-in high quality microphone that significantly enhances the audio quality of your voice during video meetings to ensure clear, detailed, articulated voice for professional sounding pitch and presentations while clearly hearing your meeting participants.

Remote Controls at Your Fingertips

Take control of your noisy surrounding with a simple click of a button! The Wi AudioLink Ui puts all of your computer’s essential audio controls in the palm of your hand for quick privacy control response even in an open office environment. The large tactile buttons make switching settings and adjusting the microphone and audio controls including volume, mute, track control simpler than ever with a range of up to 100 feet of digital wireless communications consistency





Perform From Anywhere

Connect to Professional Audio Gear

Connect your Tablet, MAC and PC wirelessly to DJ gear, on-stage mixers, powered speakers/monitors, amplifiers and live sound systems quickly and effortlessly

This combination of simplified setup and all-inclusive accessories with high quality golden tips cables lets you set up quickly and easily!
No complicated frequencies to assign
No heavy cables to hoist or route
No clumsy antennas
No knobs to tweak
No bulky gear to haul

Take Your iOS Audio App on Stage

The Wi AudioLink Ui is designed to remove all connection barriers between your favorite audio App and professional audio gear. Now you can enjoy the much sought after pocket portable sized, plug in and play stereo digital wireless audio interface experience for favorite iOS audio Apps. Simply connect the Wi AudioLink Ui USB transmitter to your tablet, Mac or PC - then connect the AudioLink Ui receiver to your amp, mixer, powered speaker, or live sound system using the included standard 1/4” cable for untethered performance. It’s that easy!

The system features high-quality, low-noise preamp gain controls conveniently located on the receiver for easy tactile button access to dial in the prefect gain level for your App without accessing the software.





Play From Anywhere

Wireless Audiophile System

The Wi AudioLink™ Ui is designed to deliver prolific premium audio experience to Audiophiles and audio enthusiasts.

The Wi AudioLink Ui is a 2.4GHz stereo digital wireless audio system designed to wirelessly stream high-quality 48KHz uncompressed 20hz-20KHz CD quality stereo audio signal from your Tablet, MAC or PC to any audio destination with crisp highs and thundering lows tones to satisfy the most demanding users

Stream Audio to Your Home Stereo

The Wi AudioLink Ui is the solution for your home wireless audio streaming needs. This 2-channel digital wireless system allows convenient wireless audio streaming from you tablet, Mac or PC for clear, distortion-free sound to your current and vintage home stereo with a range of up to 100 feet of digital wireless communications consistency

Past, Present & Future Compatibility

The Wi AudioLink Ui is designed to bring new life to legacy systems. The system features high-quality wireless audio interfaces and accessories that are fully compatible with legacy systems ranging from the original iPad, iMacs and Widows PC to the latest tablets and PC. No gear is left behind!

All Inclusive Accessories!

This combination of simplified setup and all-inclusive accessories with high quality golden tips cables lets you set up quickly and easily!

Modern Design at an unbeatable price.