The number of YouTuber creators has exploded over the last few years

How to Wirelessly Mic Your Vlogging Camera for Movement 

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With that, vlogging cameras are now popular enough to be their own category.

What do you need in a vlogging camera?

Vlogging cameras are designed for filmmakers who work alone and either use a tripod, vehicle-mount or just their hands to hold a camera. It has to be good not just for filming yourself, but other “B-roll” footage that helps tell your story. The number one requirement is a flip-around screen so you can see yourself while filming. Those can rotate up, down or to the side, but flipping out to the side is preferable so a tripod or microphone won’t block it.

Continuous autofocus (AF) for video with face and eye detection is also a must. It becomes your camera “assistant,” letting you concentrate on other things. Most cameras can do that nowadays, but some do it better than others. 

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Responsive Video

Responsive video embeds with max width and float options, as well as full container styles on the video-responsive class. Display videos in your descriptions, blog posts, or custom modules anywhere on the page. Just wrap the iframe in additional div elements with the required classes and you have full control over your video layout.

The above element is a fully customizable hr element, including custom icon options. Unprecedented control over your elements directly from the admin.